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Hotel Weird, you can check in but you can never check out!

Peek into the portal of weirdness!

Travel the internet to the strange odd cyber worlds of the most unusual, outrageously weird and wacky websites. Visit our Hotel Weirdness and join in the fun as we rate some of the weirdest, sick, useless, funniest, and just plan stupid websites. Check out how others rank them and put in your two cents. Talk with the Mystical All Knowing Oracle and find out what great wisdom it has for you. Beware, do exactly as it says or you will be cursed and a victim of it's wrath. Are you it's next victim or a recipient of good fortune?

Look closely into the eye of the Mystical Oracle to be judged. Must be 1/4 inch from monitor to work correctly.

  Keeping it real!
"What a joke"

We make no guarantees from any 3d party websites and you enter at your own risk. 

Jokes, humor and weirdness are abound with such ranting and ravings from experts in their fields.
"What fields"

Keep in mind we don't care what you think.
"So be warned" 

We offer various weirdness in top website rankings such as our Top 10 most voted for sites!
Our Top 50 most visited weirdness websites can give you clues as to which websites are liked the most. The complete "Hotel Weirdness" guest registry gives listings in order of most recently submitted weirdness to our Hotel Weird, check out the newest stuff here. Get your site listed, but don't give us the crap with affiliated pop-out windows. I and most other internet users despise them and wouldn't click on them if I or we had to. Let's face it, if it isn't weird I / We don't care to see it.  If you just want to post it to our website anyway! Don't bother, it will be deleted and you will not be notified. Here you have a chance to post your weirdness, show how sick you can be, produce your most disgusting web dreams and have them ranked by others. If you link to us and we find your link through our stats we will link back to you on our Links Back page. Here you will find some decent weirdness and humor also, so check it out!

Stay at Hotel Weird for fun and enjoyment, or just get freaked out.... "Who cares"


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